Food Safety

Food Safety Promotion and Advocacy Center (FOSAPAC)

Through Food Safety Promotion and Advocacy Centre (FOSAPAC) we partner with stakeholders to sensitize stakeholders and increase awareness among the targeted section of the community and general public on the importance, need and how to ensure food safety, plant and animal health and implementing quality standards for food products and consumer goods. To that effect, we have developed a five-year strategic plan that highlights what we are focusing to improve the general understanding of food safety, SPS and quality   among the community in order for us as a company to promote and contribute to the general quality culture with our society. We are looking to partner with the development partners, government and non-governmental bodies to implement our vision of improved quality culture among communities in less resourced nations. We are also partnering with various players to organize a permanent Annual Food Safety Conference for Africa; and Trade and Investment Conference for Eastern Africa where the central focus should be the role of food safety, SPS, Quality and Standards in Trade and Investments in the region. This is aimed to ensure sustained consciousness of all players in the food safety, SPS, quality and standards related sectors of the importance of the food safety, SPS and Quality issues in the socio-economic development of the region and the social welfare of its people.

We have developed several guide books on managing hygiene and food safety in food business operations. The guide books are aimed to provide technical guidance to different agro-food business operators regarding the best practices for implementing hygiene and food safety. We have a guide book each for Food Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitizing, HACCP implementation; and Food Safety Management for Value chains for major commodities grown in tropical regions of Africa. These books can be accessed to interested stakeholders from our office.

To meet our mandate in the area of Promotion, Advocacy and Awareness Raising, Food Safety Associates Limited has developed a 5 year Strategic Plan for Food Safety Promotion and Advocacy Centre (FOSAPAC) which will guide our programming and projects in this area.

We welcome any partners whether government or non-government to collaborate in realization of the goals of the Strategic Plan. Download or View FOOD SAFETY PROMOTION AND ADVOCACY CENTRE (FOSAPAC) Strategic Plan above right.

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