Food Safety

Services to Private Sector

FSA Ltd specializes in raising safety and quality standards in the whole spectrum of organizations ranging from small and medium sized organizations to large scale operations engaged in farming (growers), transportation, handling, processing, manufacturing, storing, distribution, sale, catering and service of agro-food and other associated products.

FSA Ltd extends the following services to business operators:

  1. Producers

The food and other commodity producers should contact us for the following services

  1. Production safety audits (bench marking and gap analysis to assess compliance regulatory or customer/buyer requirement)
  2. Developing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and on-farm Standard operating procedures
  3. Facilities safety verification and certification
  4. Food safety and Hygiene training courses
  5. Providing “Fresh care” Training courses (quality control including food safety of products while still on the farm all through to the kitchens)
Handlers, processors, transporters and those involved in food preparation and service

These categories of operators should contact us for the following services

  1. Vendor certification audits (Sanitation and hygiene)
  2.  Retailer requirements advise
  3. Retail store audits
  4. Food safety training courses
  5. Food operator hygiene training courses
  6. Production safety audits (compliance and gap analysis)
  7. Facility verification and certification
  8. Development of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Hygiene Practices SOPs and SSOPs GMP and GHP audits
  9. HACCP set-ups (HACCP Development)
  10. HACCP verification audits (HACCP review)
  11. Third party audits (if requested)
  12. Product labeling support
  13. Supplier assessment (if requested)
  14.  HACCP training courses
  15. HACCP audit Training courses for food service operations these include:
    Hotel and restaurant audits (best hygiene practice, staff hygiene, food contact and work surfaces)
  16.  Commercial kitchen audit
  17. Allergen management plans.
  18. Allergen audit
  19. Basic hygiene courses

Other services to business operators

FSA Ltd where appropriate undertakes work on behalf of organizations to liaise with safety and quality enforcement authorities regarding product safety issues, to develop programmes that resolve the concerns of the authorities.

Product Labeling

Regulations require companies that are in business of producing and packaging products with intentions of selling them directly to final consumers to adhere to the product/food labeling
regulations. While the information provided on the label intends to provide the consumers with all information s/he needs to know before buying the product, it should also achieve regulatory compliance. As this might be difficult for producers, food processors and manufacturers to handle, FSA Ltd can provide product labeling advice, enabling the producers, processors and manufacturers to concentrate on making the product. FSA Ltd will review the already existing product labels of the producer/processor/manufacturer and assess them based on all the requirements of product/ food labeling legislation.

Supplier assessment

FSA Ltd can inspect the suppliers of food business operations and give a report that evaluates the supplier against the food operator’s requirements. This is in line with the “due diligence” requirement where food business operators are required to visit the premises of their suppliers and inspect their food safety and hygiene systems

Representing business interests in an audit

Implementation of audit recommendations sometimes becomes a difficult task due to difficulties of interpreting specialist requirements – leaving some aspects of audit reports sometimes unattended to. Also particular auditor questions require specialist interpretation and responses. FSA Ltd can come in to defend the business interest at such audits and save unnecessary expenditure of company resources on unwarranted investments coming out of misunderstanding with auditors

Market and ISO standards implementation

Businesses that are targeting new markets can approach FSA Ltd to help them with research on the requirements related to product safety in those markets. FSA Ltd will not only provide the necessary requirements to comply with any market in the world but can institute a complete documented product/food safety and quality system for implementing on the floor of the establishment. FSA Ltd will also institute training and coaching programmes for the staff to ensure that the food is produced in accordance to the market requirements

Traceability and records

FSA Ltd can help business operators to develop and institute effective management information system (MIS) and records management systems (RMS) necessary for company’s products to be easily trace-able to the sources and track-able in the market; not only to meet regulatory requirements for export to restrictive markets but also to facilitate redress in time of crisis and product recalls.

Food Safety Crisis Management

FSA Ltd can assist business operators who have received customer complaints, product rejections, regulatory non compliances notices or market sanctions related to product/ safety, to get out of the crisis by working to address the issues causing the crisis. FSA Ltd will provide technical support and the necessary expertise during product recall where needed.

Food safety testing and diagnostic kits

FSA Ltd can contact and liaise with international manufacturers of kits used in food safety management operations like Microbiological testing and toxin detection kits, GMO testing kits, quality and safety data loggers, temperature probes and related software tools and accessories and provide advice to their use so that cost saving and safety and quality improvement strategies enjoyed by operators elsewhere in the world are brought home. FSA Ltd keeps track of new advances and innovations in the areas of food safety and will assist the local producers to adopt new technologies such that developing country producers move with the rest of the world.