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Capacity Building

When new initiatives to improve the level of food safety, SPS, Quality and standards implementation are introduced, it is of paramount importance that technical staff and other personnel are enabled to catch up with the demands of the new system. We have been very instrumental in enabling organizations and enterprises to upgrade their technical capacity to accommodate and sustain changes in the areas of food safety, SPS, Quality and Standards.

Our capacity building approach focuses to enable the personnel to obtain professional knowledge and skills required to implement the changes within the existing business and process context and focus on an agreed road map to a totally changed scenarios, through learning and working schedules that are convenient to organizations/company targets and accommodated in organization’s own culture. To achieve these tenets, we plan our capacity building package in logical frame of providing basic training, intermediary training and advanced training. We follow training with development and provision of necessary documentation, procedures and protocols to facilitate on-job and hands-on learning. We then undertake On-site mentorship programmes to provide practical guidance. We will be present to support the installation of the new system on the establishment flow. We test-run the system and confirm that it is working effectively and efficiently to deliver the required change, before we part with you. Even after conclusion of assignment, we still find it our duty and moral obligation to keep making follow up checks and monitoring to ensure that your original objective to implementing changes is achieved on a sustainable basis. Through this approach, we support regulators to establish inspection services that are aligned with the risk analysis principles. We support enterprises to implement Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP and ISO Standards on QMS and FSMS and many other services required to keep in compliance with the food safety, SPS and Quality aligned to consumer health and trade development.We support enterprises through the process of certification using our capacity building model articulated above.Our experts will be available and act on your behalf during certification audits so that they can understand key concerns of auditors and support you during the filling-up of gaps so as to fast-track your certification and reduce on the costs going into the process.

Please contact us for the details of what capacity that can be built in your organization to help meet your objectives or mandates for Food safety, SPS, quality and standards for increased consumer safety and competitiveness and market access for products.

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