Food Safety


We offer training services in all aspects of food safety, SPS, Quality and Standards. We organize scheduled courses in the fields of Personal Hygiene for food business operations, Food Hygiene for food business operations, Cleaning and Sanitizing in food business operations, Basic Food Safety knowledge and skills, Food Safety Management, Food Safety Controls, Sanitary and phytosanitary management and controls, Implementation of various Standards linked to food safety and quality, operational implementation of food safety measures such as Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and other food safety pre-requisite programmes, implementation ofHazard Analysis Critical Control Points HACCP and Post-harvest Handling, Freshness care for food and other agricultural produce;  Verification and implementation of food safety and quality measures, auditing and benchmarking schemes, implementation of food safety management systems and quality management systems and their integration; and implementation of ISO standards and other private standards such as Global GAP and BRC among others.

You can get the details of our scheduled programmes by checking the training section of our website or checking our training Brochure You can as well contact us to organize tailor- made training courses that suit the training needs and skills gaps of your workforce. We can arrange to train your staff on-site or on our premises at your own convenience. Please contact us to discuss the modalities for training that suits your staff/organization.

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