Food Safety

Food Safety Associates and Feed The Future Uganda recently organized a sector-wide training on Food Safety, Supply Chain Management, and Standards in Kitgum, Mbarara, and Moroto districts. The training aimed to educate processors, suppliers, and farmers of honey, cereals, and edible oils from the Resilience zones (Rwamwanja, Nakivaale refugee camps, Lamwo, South and North Karamoja). Our team of food safety consultants and experts provided trainees with valuable insights on HACCP, GMPs, GHPs, Food Trade, Value Addition, and Fortification.

The training also saw District Commercial Officers and Assistant Commissioner of Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives joining us to sensitize trainees on different programs set aside by the government to support people in agribusiness. A UNBS official also advised farmers on how to get certified by UNBS.

The training also included the capacity building of local Consultancy Service Providers (CPSs) with valuable insights on Protocols and tools used by CSPs for capacity buiding towards quality certification, Assessment tools for GAP analysis, Specialized services offered by CSPs to agro-processors, Capacity building for different categories of industries (Small, medium and large) Certification scheme for processors and Code of practice for operation of factories. Our team of experts also educated the CSPs on consultancy rates and performance based incentive scheme, Financial modeling tools, Contracts cycle management and Bid management and proposal development.

A UNBS representative taught the CSPs on how to help the agro-processors to achieve UNBS certification


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