Food Safety

Promotion and Advocacy

As pioneers of this kind of business that we do in this part of the world, we found that the main challenge facing Africa is food safety. The greater proportion of death occurring in Africa is attributed to food safety. For instance, the increasing cases of cancer, stroke, organ failures and several outbreaks of communicable diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, Hepatitis B and many others are due to the unsafe food value chains. Also several health challenges such as reproductive and respiratory defects among others are caused by consumption of contaminated foods.

The biggest challenge that governments and civil organizations face in Africa is that food contamination on the continent is going on unabated. Whereas other continents have scaled-up their food safety management practices and food safety control measures to responding to challenges such as pollution, poverty, climate changes and others which increase potential for contamination of food chains, Africa has not enhanced her plans for food safety control.

Also, we cannot minimize the effect of production of unsafe and poor quality products on trade within African communities. It is important that Africa awakens to the realities happening elsewhere and develop a food safety and quality culture in our society.

As a specialist organization, we wish to raise the consciousness of Africans about this danger on our continent. Increased awareness on food safety, SPS and quality and standards will improve the practices and deliver safe food for consumption by local communities who will be able to sell the surplus.

We therefore undertake promotion and advocacy activities to make our contribution to this cause. We partner with governments, development partners, civil society, organizations/companies, enterprises and individuals to implement non-for-profit activities aimed to promote the use of food safety, SPS and quality measures and standards in society.

We organize events such as workshops, talk shows, exhibitions and others to make policy makers, stakeholders and general public understand the importance of food safety, SPS and Quality and standards in our society. We advocate for inclusion and prioritization of food safety, SPS and quality and standards issues in budgeting and intervention agendas of governments, development partners and other players.

We are available to partners with willing and interested development partners and other stakeholders to foster a food safety and quality culture in our society.

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