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National Food Safety Foundation (NFSF)

Through our National Food Safety Foundation (NFSF) we undertake research and development activities aimed to unveil new information, knowledge and techniques required to improve the status of food safety, SPS, quality of food products and consumer goods; and standards implementation.

We undertake scoping studies, assessments and evaluations aimed to diagnose food safety, SPS and quality related problems and challenges associated with the production, value and supply chains so as to improve quality, safety and market access for products. We support enterprises with research activities related to product development to ensure that their products are fit for purpose, safe and meet regulatory and customer requirements. We undertake conformity assessment services (covering sampling, testing, inspection, auditing and certification) as third party on behalf of clients.

We act on behalf of government food safety and quality control agencies or buyers of agro-food products and consumer goods to undertake third party inspection and certification activities. We also undertake certification activities for hygiene management, HACCP, and food safety and quality management systems standards. We employ technologies for food safety that are based on the current up-to-date research and development work going on, all around the world.

Our technology products include food safety screening and quick testing kits for various hazards and contaminants in food. The kits can detect the presence of different kinds of hazards such as toxins, chemical residues and microbiological contaminants in food within 2-15 minutes. We assist organizations/companies/laboratories to access those technologies such as ones for quick detection of mycotoxins in milk, feed, grain and cooking oil. We can assist to detect a range of veterinary drugs residues and heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium in food. We also have access to kits for quick screening and detection of different microbiological contaminants of food such as E.coli, Staphylococcus and Salmonella; as well the ATP unit for cleanliness testing. Other kits for detecting Malachite green, Furazolidon and residues of illegal or banned chemicals among others; are available for fish, animal products and eggs. There are rapid testing kits for different organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides residues in vegetables and fruits. We can be contacted by anyone who wishes to determine if their products are contaminated or procuring their own set of detection kit.

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