Food Safety

Food Safety Associates is collaborating with The National CODEX Committee in Uganda to spear-head the activities for commemoration of CODEX at 60 by Uganda. The activities include;

  1. Three-day Physical/Hybrid Food Safety conference that will bring together stakeholders in public and private sector, civil society Academia, Research institutions in Uganda and in the region as well as Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and International Organizations (FAO, WHO, INFOSAN, African Union Commission, EAC) to reflect on the development in food safety and chart way forward to improve health of consumers and trade facilitation.
  2. Other Food safety awareness and sensitization events including seminars to be organized in urban open-air markets and supermarkets.
  3. Media events including TV and Radio talk shows.

Uganda has been an active participant in CODEX work and as result of it’s active participation, many initiatives to improve the safety of food placed on Ugandan markets for food.

It is also important to note that Uganda was elected by African countries to serve as a Coordinator for Codex in Africa (CCAfrica), a role Uganda has been playing from 202-2024. Having been established in 1963, IN YEAR 2023, Codex is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary. Therefore, the National Codex Committee (NCC) in it’s 83rd Meeting held on 21st June 2023 resolved to celebrate Codex@60 by undertaking several activities aimed to showcase the work of Codex in Uganda but also use the events to take stock of what has been achieved in implementing food safety standards in the country. The events will also offer the opportunity to stakeholders and actors in the food value chains to identify areas where access has been slow, determine the key challenges and refocus efforts and energies to improve the safety of the food placed on market. The events are expected to raise the profile food safety and Codex standards in Uganda, region and Africa, with stakeholders and value chain actors rededicating themselves to inculcate a food safety culture in our societies for better health and incomes of communities. The 83rd Meeting of the National Codex Committee also resolved that Food Safety Associates Limited (FSA) spearheads the organization of the Conference and other activities to celebrate Codex@60.


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