Food Safety

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Food Safety

About Us

Food Safety Associates Limited is one of the leading providers of food safety, SPS, quality and standards related consultancy, technical assistance, project management, training, advisory, capacity building, research and development, conformity assessment, promotion, advocacy and awareness raising services in the Eastern and Southern African region. We have established four affiliate entities through which we extend our services to clients; including: Food Safety Associates (FSA), Food Safety Academy (FSA), National Food Safety Foundation (NFSF), and Food Safety Promotion and Advocacy Centre (FOSAPAC).

FSA Academy Training Courses

The knowledge and skill center for safe food.

Affiliate Entities

Food Safety

Food Safety Associates(FSA)

For Food Safety and Quality Consultancy, Technical Assistance and Project Management

Food Safety Academy(FSA)

For Food Safety and Quality Training, Capacity Building and Advisory Services

National Food Safety Foundation (NFSF)

For Food Safety and Quality related Research, Development and Conformity Assessment

Food Safety Promotion and Advocacy Center (FOSAPAC)

For Food safety and Quality Promotion, Advocacy and Awareness Raising

Who We Serve

  • Private Sector

    FSA Ltd specializes in raising safety and quality standards in the whole spectrum of organizations ranging from small and medium sized organizations to large scale operations engaged in farming (growers), harvesting, handling,transportation, processing, manufacturing, storing, distribution, sale, catering and service of agro-food and other associated products.

  • Public Service

    Food Safety Associates Limited recognizes the limited skills base in the agencies responsible for enforcing and controlling the food safety practices in the industry as well as those involved in SPS, food safety and SMQT policy planning, management, research and development.

Our Clients